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I just wanted to thank you so much for the phenomenal performance the Fundamentals put on last night. I can't believe the dance floor was packed until 2:00 am. Our guests were still raving about the music this morning. Thank you for making our party such a fun, rocking event. I heard that you've already been booked for next so please make sure you save the date of Friday, February 12, 2016.


Thanks so much once again Denis. You are the band were amazing as usual. You truly give the crowd the best time. Thanks again and see you in 2016!!!

TC Dellar
WIPCR (West Island Palliative Care Residence) Gala
February 13, 2015
Chateau Vaudreuil (600 attendees)

All of us, Daniel, Sarah included, thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and the top and the middle!) for the incredible job you and your band did for us from start to finish. Feedback about all of you has been endless and wonderful. Wishing you continued and huge success in everything for many years to come. Hope to see you at someone else’s function in the future.

Big hugs,

Karen Rothstein,
Mother of the groom
Wedding at Wave, November 15, 2014

OMG. U guys blew me away. My friends all told me Sunday and today how great it was listening to the band. Sadly it ended at 2. Can't believe how long u guys played for. Thx thx and to the entire group. Love u guys 

David Aronovitch 
Father of the bride
Wedding at Wave, November 15, 2014 

Hi Denis!

Thank you! As we hoped and had expected - you made the wedding! It was by far the best night of our lives.

Thank you so much!

Kiri + Gary – wedding at l’Ambroisie, August 30 2014

Hello Denis,

We are the ones that want to thank you and all of the band for helping to make our day a very special one. Everyone, especially those that had never heard you, could not stop raving at how much they enjoyed the music you played. Having Kelly, Dan and Ivan up there only added to making it a memorable night. Despite the fact that I told Kelly form the beginning that we did not have to worry at all about the music, you guys even exceeded our expectations and we would not have changed a thing.

In addition to our guests we have, and will continue to tell all who will listen what a great job you did. Obviously if we hear of anyone looking for a band for a wedding or special occasion we will surely make a strong suggestion to get in touch with you.

Thank you once again and make sure you tell everyone how much we enjoyed them.

Maybe we will get a golf game in before the end of the year. Hope to see you soon.

Evan and Kelly
Wedding at University Club, Montreal, August 2, 2014

Hi Denis,

Thanks so much for the fantastic performance at the wedding. It is true that music makes the party - you guys did an exceptional job.

People will be talking about this party for a long time.

Thanks again.

Hi Denis,

I hope you had some time to enjoy summer! I am so sorry about the ridiculous time delay in sending this message, but I really just wanted to thank you HUGELY for creating the most raved about aspect of the wedding. I think the whole party worked well, weather was on our side, flowers were lovely and food was fabulous; but it was the music that put the event over the top. I think a lot of people would have stayed past 3:00 a.m. if we wanted to keep it going.

So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for making this event such a success.

Every person we spoke to after the wedding gushed enthusiastically about your band.

You made the biggest fun factor of the night. 

Thanks again for a job VERY well done,

Ken & Marcy Scott
Wedding at La Toundra, July 18, 2014


thank you soooo much for such a great party!!! You guys rocked the house! Thank you for allowing Robbie to sing for his brother. I knew nothing about it. I asked him today Robbie is that why you kept asking me to meet Denis last night?? He wanted it to be a total surprise, and it was. I also want to thank you for allowing Julian, Jason's friend, to sing for him as well. It was gracious of you. Everyone came up to us all night long asking who you were and how fabulous you were.

Linda Zunenshine, mother of the groom,
Wedding at Le Crystal
July 13, 2014

Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I don't think I spoke to a single guest at the wedding who wasn't ranting and raving about how amazing the band was. You guys were absolutely phenomenal, and you definitely made a huge positive impact on making the party so wonderful.

Thanks again, and I'm quite sure we'll cross paths again within the next few years.


Andrew & Jordana
Wedding at Le Windsor, June 7, 2014

p.s. I would more than happy to write a recommendation for your website or what have you.

Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for making Carrie and Trevor's night so special. Thanks to your music it was a huge success! Everyone is still talking about how amazing you guys are! Arthur and I both hope to see you soon as well!

Take care and thank you again!!!

Lynda Carson
Wedding at Elm Ridge, May 10, 2014

Hi Denis,

I just wanted to thank you for entertaining everyone last Friday evening at the Valentine's Gala with the very talented Fundamentals group. As usual, we hear nothing but compliments about the music for this event. I am sorry that we ended up starting the live music so late. Unfortunately, the M/C did not completely stick to the script and we ended up running almost an hour late. Thank you for your patience and for adjusting the start time of the dance music.

We really hope you will reserve the date of Friday, February 15, 2015 for our next Valentine's Gala.

Have a great weekend.

Jessica Newey
Events Coordinator
West Island Palliative Care Residence (WIPCR) Annual Gala
Chateau Vaudreuil, February 14, 2014, 550 attendees

Hi Denis,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the kind words! The Launch event was a huge success in our eyes and it was so nice to finally see all of our furniture on display at an event - the end result was achieved, our vision came to life and it couldn’t have gone any better!

We have heard nothing but positive feedback, especially when it comes to the music. Once again The Fundamentals did not disappoint, you all did a fantastic job and helped make the night as successful as it was. I know I speak for all of us here at LouLou/Chic&Swell when I say we could listen to you guys play for hours upon hours!

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your well wishes.

Until the next event & all the best from the LouLou Team :)

Rebecca Trafford
chic & swell
creative meetings and events
Official Launch of LouLou Lounge, Museum of Nature, February 19, 2014


The band was truly amazing! I can honestly say that you guys far exceeded our expectations and all of the feedback we heard that evening was extremely positive! We are very interested in booking you for next year’s event.

All the best,
Janine Dopson – EDC Canada Gala, February 22, 2014
Westin Ottawa – 700 attendees

Hi! Just wanted to let you know the client loved you! She wants you for next year.

Thanks so much!

Sharon House
Avant-garde designs, EDC Gala, February 22, 2014, Westin Ottawa

Allo Denis,

Je pensais justement à toi aujourd'hui, je voulais de mon côté aussi prendre le temps de te remercier pour m'avoir accompagné dans mon projet de Medley!Les deux pratiques chez toi m'ont vraiment mise en confiance et je suis vraiment heureuse de comment tout s'est déroulé lors du mariage! Je n'aurai pas pu espérer une meilleure réaction de mon mari et de nos invités!

Nous avons décidés de ne pas aller en Floride et de filer directement vers les îles Turquoises pour la plage, le soleil et le repos!

Nous sommes revenus hier reposés et heureux!

Ce fut un plaisir de vous avoir avec nous pour cette soirée si magique, nos invités vous ont adorés...

À une prochaine fois peut-être!

Meilleures salutations,

Véronique St-Pierre & Herb Black
Mariage au Ritz-Carlton,
23 Novembre, 2013.

Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for your note! We are still coming down from the clouds :)

Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable evening for all! It was so nice to see everyone dancing and enjoying themselves and we agree that we would still be dancing now have we not had the curfew :)

We will recommend you to all of our friends and hope to work with you again in the future!

Very best,
Maria & Dave
Wedding in North Hatley, October 12, 2013

Hi Denis,

Apologies for the delayed e-mail! We wanted to be in touch to thank you for everything and you beat us to it!

You and the band were absolutely fantastic at our wedding at the Hermitage Club and we were thrilled to have you with us. Our families and friends all gave us rave reviews and everyone had a great time dancing to your amazing repertoire. The way the band members circulated on the dance floor from time to time was so original and unexpected - and their willingness to share the mic with our "talented" guests was a lot of fun!

We were also so impressed with how your team was able to showcase the band's sound in an a very acoustically unfriendly room - your use of the space and the technical set up was outstanding. Your flexibility with our running a little bit behind schedule was also much appreciated!

You have been a joy to work with throughout this process and we very much hope that we have the opportunity to invite the Fundamentals to play at another event in the future! (Anniversary party, anyone?!)

Thank you very much to you Denis, and please extend our appreciation to the other members of the band. It was a pleasure to spend our evening with you all!

With admiration and many thanks,

Shannon and Ben
Wedding at Hermitage Club, September 28, 2013

Hi Denis,

Pat and I can't thank you enough. The Fundamentals were flawless and kept the party going all night. While planning our wedding, we kept stressing the importance of keeping a packed dance floor and we owe you a huge thank you for making that happen. From the saxophonist performing on the table, to your perfect rendition of mmmbop, we loved every second.

We're hoping that a number of our engaged friends will follow our lead and we'll be seeing you at some more weddings in the near future.

Thank you SO much,

Megan and Pat
Wedding at St-Raphael, September 21, 2013

Hi Denis,

We would like to thank you and your band for being instrumental in making our children’s wedding a fantastic party. Many out-of-towners asked “Who is that that band? They are amazing.” They were right. You really rocked the house.

The outstanding vocals were backed by solid musicians. You were tuned in to the pulse of the audience and knew what to play and when. That is why there were people still on the dance floor at 1:30 AM.

What was appreciated by all...young and old, was the quality of the sound. It was clean and tight and never offensive to the ears. People really enjoyed the soft background music during the meal.

Finally, a band that actually gets it. Kudos to you!

Susan & Tom Reichman
Judy & Ken Atlas
Ilana & Michael, wedding at Spanish & Portuguese synagogue, September 1, 2013

I wanted to thank you and your wonderful band members for an incredible evening last night. There were numerous comments on how wonderful you were, and I think the evidence was the number of young people (all ages really) who stayed and danced...and danced.

You were a large part of the success of the evening and we are all just thrilled!

Thank you so much,

Judy Atlas, mother of the groom
Ilana & Michael, wedding at Spanish & Portuguese synagogue, September 1, 2013


Good morning, Denis,

It was an absolute pleasure having you and the band return for our second event.

Everyone had such a great time and please pass on my thank you to everyone in your group. Everyone is absolutely wonderful and we could spend an entire evening just listening to you play…maybe that’s what we should do next year, just cancel all the speeches and have you play all night!

All the best and I hope you will join us again next year!

Water for People Gala, Liberty Grand, Toronto
March 22, 2013

Bonjour Denis,

Merci à toi et à ton groupe pour la MAGNIFIQUE SOIRÉE de samedi!

J'ai donné vos coordonnées à je ne sais plus combien de personnes! Chapeau!

Dès que nous saurons la date 2014, vous serez réservé sur le champ.

Toute la soirée a été un succès, mais je tiens vraiment à ce que vous sachiez que vous avez beaucoup à voir avec ce succès!

Merci du fond du cœur! Merci aussi d'avoir joué sans arrêt jusqu'à 12 h 15! Le party a levé!

Transmets mes mercis à tes collègues s.v.p.! La chanteuse, wow!

Bonne journée!

Marie-Claude Guilbault
Fondation Anna-Laberge
Gala coup de cœur, Château Vaudreuil, Mars 2013

Hi Denis,
I have been away from the office and thus apologize that this email is a bit delayed but would like to thank you very much for a wonderful evening. We had a fabulous time and hope you did too!

I too look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warmest Regards,

Aviva Belhassen
Shaar Hashomayim Purim Party, March 2013

Hi Denis,

Thank you (and the band) for your kind words.

We loved having you play at our wedding, you were absolutely amazing! You'll be pleased to know that many of our guests expressed to us that they felt the same way as well.

We will definitely recommend you to our friends in the future.

Jaclyn and Cory
Wedding at Chevra Kadisha, February 17, 2013

Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for everything Friday night. I received tons of compliments about you guys. It is very nice to work with such professionals. We would be very pleased to have you back again next year. Please confirm that you have booked us for next year’s Gala, February 14th, 2014. Please also let me know if everything was to your satisfaction. Hopefully you guys had enough to eat this year! I would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks again and please pass on our gratitude to the rest of the band.

All the best,

Jessica Newey
West Island Palliative Care Residence Gala
Chateau Vaudreuil, February 8, 2013

Thank YOU Denis, and the band for yet another dance floor filled party. You guys are great at reading the crowd and keeping the floor filled. You are also so accommodating, and easy to work with! I can't tell you how much we appreciate that. And, of course one of the highlights for me was BRUNO MARS!! You did a fabulous job!

Hope to see you soon!

Lori Morris
West Island Palliative Care Residence Gala
Chateau Vaudreuil, February 8, 2013

Denis, as usual you guys were AMAZING!!! Thank so much for your kindness and great humour every year! Please RESERVE Friday, February 14th, 2014 next year for us!! Same place...hopefully better weather!

Teresa Dellar
West Island Palliative Care Residence Gala
Chateau Vaudreuil, February 8, 2013

Hi Denis,

Everybody absolutely loved you guys. As usual, thank you again for being at our party.

Take care, my best to all band members, have a healthy and happy New Year!

Linda Baxter
MDA Holiday Party
Chateau Vaudreuil, December 8, 2012

Dear Denis:

Thank you for such of a great evening – THE BEST of all the BFL parties. Seriously. What a night!

We had the best 2 bands in the world. The mix of music, when it was Replay’s turn to play, people were enjoying the Beatles and when the Fundamentals were taking over, people couldn’t believe that it was not the real record playing rather than you guys live. That’s how amazing you are. Barry can’t get rid of the fact that Irene is simply amazing and what about your own voice Denis?


Thank you so much.

I wish you and yours all the very best – hoping that you will find some time off to enjoy precious moments with the ones you love.

Denis: people keep ask me one same question: did we tape the “medley songs” with The Fundamentals?
I am so glad we did.
People cannot get over it. And they are all talking about your voice. They say: that man, can he sing? And then I say: who? And they say: the pianist.
I say: Ah! Denis, of course, he is a brilliant musician and he can sing. Two for one!

Sylvie Forget
VP Administration BFLCANADA
25th Anniversary Party
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Montreal,
December 14, 2012

HI Denis,

I want to thank you so much for performing at our 25th Anniversary party!!
I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all my guests!
Everyone had a great time dancing and enjoying the music you all provided throughout the evening.

Night was a success and you certainly were a huge part of that!

Thanks again for everything!

Lindsay Bellevue
TASK Micro 25th Anniversary
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Montreal,
December 1, 2012

Hi Denis,

Thank you and the band, once again for exceeding my expectations
and rocking the place!

Carole Saad, event planner,
“Paint the town red” Ottawa Convention Centre Nov 2, 2012

Thank you Denis - we are on cloud 11!

A BIG thanks to you and the rest of the Fundamentals for doing such an outstanding job at our wedding. So many of our guests were raving about the music and, as you could see, Josh and I danced up a storm!

All the best to you!

Caroline & Josh
Wedding at Baily Synagogue
September 2, 2012

Hi Denis,

Thanks so much for your email. It was truly a pleasure to have you guys perform at our wedding. You transformed the evening into a truly unforgettable and touching event. Nothing but praise for you and your band mates so please extend our heartfelt thanks to them all. Also, thanks for letting us take the stage for those few songs. It meant a lot to me to be able to hammer out some tunes for my new wife.

And yes, our friends are crazy. Glad you were there to witness it all.

Hope to see you around.


Joe Issid & Anita
Wedding au Vieux Moulin, Rigaud, August 18, 2012

Hi Denis,

Thanks so much for your message! We had a brunch yesterday, and people were raving about how amazing you guys were! Your choice of music was perfect, and you really set the tone for an amazing party which is exactly what we wanted.

I'd also like to extend an extra special thank you for your help in preparing the song for Mark. I know that it was a bit of a challenge as my cadence left a bit to be desired, but you made it work, and it sounded amazing! It was such a special part of the evening, thank you for making it happen.

As you said, we hope our paths cross soon. Thanks again for your lovely wishes and a memorable night, have a great rest of the week!

Rebecca and Mark
Wedding at Hyatt Regency, Montreal, August 18, 2012

Hi Denis,

Now that I have a minute to breathe, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing job that you and the band did on Saturday. We've gotten raves about the music, and I'm pretty sure you'll be getting a few more calls in the future from some of our guests. It was a terrific party, and I really believe that it was your music (along with a group obviously ready to party!) that was the main ingredient. Thanks!!

Take care,

Evie Cassell, mother of the bride
Wedding at Le Grand Lodge, Tremblant
August 11, 2012

Hi Denis,

I just wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU for making our night on Saturday so incredible. You guys were just amazing and all night long I had people coming up to me raving about the band and the music and saying how much fun it was making the night. A number of people also asked for the band's information so they can try to snag you guys for their upcoming weddings! So I predict I'll be seeing you guys again soon! We appreciate all the hard work and just wanted you to know you made the night incredibly special. Thank you!

Julie and Kevin
Wedding at Le Grand Lodge, Tremblant
August 11, 2012

Denis you guys were amazing. Everyone's still talking about the performance. Thanks you for the well wishes.
Kindest Regards,
Stephan & Lindsay
Forest & Stream Club, July 21, 2012

Dear Denis,

Earlier in the year when my dad started looking at all of the bands available for our wedding, he stopped on the Fundamentals and said "this is the best one musically", I trusted his judgment. You proved to not only be the best musically, but the best showmanship and best MC we could have asked for. The guests have not stopped raving about 'The band!' You turned our event from a beautiful wedding, into an epic party as well. Someone asked me who had the most fun at the wedding: and the answer was hands down : ME! (Which is a rare thing for weddings). You made the ambiance extremely fun, and got everyone up and dancing (even during dinner). The seamless transition from your playing to Matt's dj-ing was imperceptible. From personalizing the event by having my dad and others play the drums.. and having my new husband singing to Lionel Ritchie to accommodating my last minute change in schedules; you absolutely made the night. You had the right ingredients to make the night perfect, and now we have great memories to last a lifetime.

We want to thank you, Matt and all the fundamentals so much for everything!

Katrina & Herve,
Wedding at Le Windsor, July 7, 2012

Hello Denis,
Heidy and I returned to New York from our honeymoon yesterday and we just wanted to send you a quick note again to thank you for the amazing show at our wedding.
We truly felt that the band did an unbelievable job in creating the kind of atmosphere we wanted and setting the mood for the party. As the first wedding of the 100th anniversary celebration of Ritz-Carlton Montreal, the entertainment needed to be top-notch, and the Fundamentals certainly matched and surpassed our expectations. I received numerous compliments about the band from our guests and you did an amazing job of incorporating all of our wishes. We could not have been happier.
Thank you again so very much to you and all of the band members for an unforgettable night.
Very best regards,
Jani & Heidy
Wedding at Ritz-Carlton, Montreal
May 26, 2012

Bonjour Denis,

Je voulais prendre un instant avant de quitter pour notre lune de miel pour vous remercier pour votre performance de samedi...
Le tout fût PARFAIT!!! Les éloges à votre égard n'ont pas arrêté de la soirée. Les invités vous ont adoré et Jean-François et moi-même n'aurions pas pu être plus heureux de la soirée; vous avez surpassé nos attentes! On voulait que la fête "lève", et on peut dire que ce fût "mission accomplie" !!

Je sais que les photographes ont pris des photos de vous. Je vous les ferai parvenir à notre retour de voyage, une fois que nous les aurons vus. J'irai également écrire un petit mot sur votre site Internet, et il me fera plus que plaisir de recommander votre groupe à quiconque!!

Une fois de plus, merci pour cette soirée magique!

Chloé et Jean-François
Mariage au Windsor
16 juin, 2012

Hi Denis,

Thank YOU for such a superb evening and for certainly keeping the party going! I'm so sorry we didn't catch you guys before you left but please pass on the message to your band that we could not have been more pleased with everything. We haven't stopped hearing from our guests how much they enjoyed themselves and particularly the band. We had the most incredible time (save for Ryan falling off the chair!)

Thanks so much again! And hope to catch you at future events!

Juliana and Ryan
Wedding at Le Windsor
June 9, 2012

Hello Denis,

Heidy and I returned to New York from our honeymoon yesterday and we just wanted to send you a quick note again to thank you for the amazing show at our wedding.

We truly felt that the band did an unbelievable job in creating the kind of atmosphere we wanted and setting the mood for the party. As the first wedding of the 100th anniversary celebration of Ritz-Carlton Montreal, the entertainment needed to be top-notch, and the Fundamentals certainly matched and surpassed our expectations. I received numerous compliments about the band from our guests and you did an amazing job of incorporating all of our wishes. We could not have been happier.  

 Thank you again so very much to you and all of the band members for an unforgettable night.

Very best regards,

Jani & Heidy
Wedding at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal,
May 26, 2012

Denis, you guys were amazing as always!!!!

Are you available next Feb 8th 2013??????!!!

Teresa Dellar, MSW, PSW, CT.
Cofondatrice, Directrice générale/Executive Director
Résidence de soins palliatifs de l’Ouest-de-l’Île
West Island Palliative Care Residence
Fundraising Gala at Chateau Vaudreuil (520 guests)
February 10, 2012

Hi Denis,

Just a quick note to say thanks again to you and your band for Saturday night. I am getting so many calls confirming what a fabulous evening it was and a large part of the credit goes to you.

That being said, and in speaking with our VP, could you please reserve Saturday 8th December 2012 for to once again……..entertain us and make us smile !!! LOL

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Linda Baxter
Contract Coordinator
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Corporation
Holiday Party (536 guests) at Chateau Vaudreuil
December 10, 2011


Tried calling this morning. No answer.

The band was fantastic!

Gimme a call S.V.P. when you get a minute.

Thanks again.
Michael Caplan, President
Sensix Communications & Events
Gala Fundraising Ball for Segal Cancer Centre (800 attendees)
Windsor Station, Montreal
November 16, 2011

Hi Denis,

We are getting unbelievable feedback for the event and you are a big part of it!

It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Hope to see you soon!

Cory Garfinkle
Project Manager, Sensix Communications & Events
Gala Fundraising Ball for Segal Cancer Centre
Windsor Station, Montreal
November 16, 2011

Hello Denis,

Thank YOU for being as fabulous as ever. It's always a treat having you and the band play events. You are so professional and the band is so talented. It's a treat for me to see you all.

Thanks again to you and please extend my gratitude to the rest of the band.

Rita :)

Rita Wong Events
Wedding for Devora Winston & Zach Finkelstein
Time Supper Club
August 28, 2011


Jason and I want to hug you all over and thank you so much for last night. You and your band outdid yourselves and exceeded all of our expectations. The music was incredible and our friends and family were dancing all night long and raving about you. I may be biased but as I told you last night, I especially was impressed with your performance of Marry Me, I could not have been happier.

You made our party what it was, and we appreciate that more than you could ever know. We had the time of our lives!

 Thank you again,

 We hope to see you at more simchas in the future as well!!

Laurie & Jason Solmon
Wedding at Le Windsor, Montreal
August 21, 2011

We had a wonderful time thanks to your music. So many people have told us that you guys were amazing. We have quite a few professional recording musicians on our family so it’s a real compliment. We will definitely recommend you. Feel free to give our phone number to anyone who asks for feedback on your band. We thought we would have a quiet wedding since Ian’s family is from South Africa and very British like but they sure danced up a storm to your music. Also, we have another daughter, so you never know. Hope to see you soon.

Ros and Steve Pearson

Shannon and Ian Barnett
Wedding at Le Windsor
July 31, 2011

Hi Denis,

 It was an unforgettable day and you and your band mates were a big part of that.  You guys were phenomenal!  We still talk about it, are still receiving compliments about you and I hope you heard some yourselves that night.  You were a pleasure to work with and if you'd like us to write a testimonial to that effect for your site just say the word.


Marguerite & Derek
Wedding at Lion d’Or, Montreal
July 16, 2011

Thanks SO MUCH Denis to you and the entire band for making our event such a great success last evening! You guys were REALLY amazing and clearly our guests did not want the music to stop. This was the latest we have ever gone and people just wanted to dance!! So thank you so much for giving them the music they were wanting!

I have to say many guests were commenting on how great it is that you guys manage to incorporate many of the current hits. It really was great!

Mark the 10th of February, 2012 on your calendar. Everyone wants you back!!!

Please give our thanks to Irene and the rest of the band!!

Teresa Dellar & Lori Morris, Organizing committee, WIPCR
West Island Palliative Care Residence Gala
Chateau Vaudreuil, February 11, 2011

Hi Denis!

Thanks so much to you and the band for the great entertainment – everybody was happy, and certainly impressed with your going right through without a break.

We will definitely work together again.

Heather Schidlowsky
Event planner
TEIG Beyond Gala Event, Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, October 25, 2010

Hi Denis,

It was great. - You and the guys did a FAB job...Annette just called to tell me how pleased she was, & how great the music was especially during dinner.

Always a pleasure having you around...and yes you are all pros as well.  xo

Marsha Brumer, event planner
Jewish General Hospital Doctor’s Gala
Shaar Hashomayim, October 18 2010

Hi Denis,

Thank you for the warm wishes.

The wedding day was great and we had so much fun from beginning to end!
One of our most memorable moment was “Don't Stop Believing” when a little circle became everyone dancing around us and just having a great time! But that's just one of the many.

Our guests have been telling us as well how amazing it was that night. Thank you for being such a big part of it.

We look forward to having many more occasions together!

All the best,

Rena Rosenek and Jared Lapkovsky
Wedding at Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, October 31, 2010

Hi Denis,

You were fabulous! Thank you so much for making our night as wonderful as it was. Tell your band mates that they were fantastic as well.

Lori Krebs
Wedding, Chevra Kadisha, October 11, 2010

Hi Denis,

Just want to thank you again for providing us with such terrific music last night. You sure made the evening a fun and lively place!

Bev Krebs
Mother of the bride, Wedding, Chevra Kadisha, October 11, 2010

Hi Denis,
Thanks so much for the job you guys did on Sunday. We had an absolute blast and got so many compliments on the music. Everyone loved you!
I hope you had as much fun as we did!
All the best,
Erica Bishin  & Jeremy Victor
Wedding, Chevra Kadisha, October 10, 2010

Hi Denis (and all of the Fundamentals),

It is almost one week after our wedding and we are still receiving phone calls about how amazing the music was!  People who have never danced before, even at their own weddings, couldn't stay off the dance floor at our wedding! 

Thank you so much for getting the crowd going and keeping them moving all night long.  You really were the hit of our wedding!  We can't wait to see you guys again at our friends' weddings in the future.

Sabrina & Evan Monk
Wedding at Beth Zion Synagogue, October 7, 2010

Hi Denis,

I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to thank you for the wonderful job you & the band did on Saturday night.

The clients could not have been happier and you had the guests up on their feet at every chance you had! Please extend my gratitude as well as Chris & Rochelle’s to the rest of the team.

Melanie Barbusci, coordinator
Wedding at Sofitel, September 25, 2010

Hello Denis,

Wow!! What a party, did we ever create some great memories for a lot of people, and you guys were instrumental in that…(pardon the pun).

Caroline and I will cherish that evening for our whole lives. You guys were great! I can’t wait for our 30th!!

Richard & Caroline Morsink, 25th anniversary, September 18, 2010, tent party in Pierrefonds, Quebec

Hi Denis,

You and your band were incredible!!!! People couldn't stop talking about you all!!!!! Honestly I could not have wished for anything more!!!! Thanks for everything! You are the best!!!!!!!  xoxoxox

Love, Michy

Michelle Sholzberg & Eddie Tsilker
Tent wedding on the family property in North Hatley, Quebec, September 4, 2010

Hi amazing man Denis :)

You have no idea how much Josh and I are still buzzing from our magical day and so much of that had to do with YOU and your band. Thank you so much for making our night absolutely perfect. And wow did you ever rock "our song" move over Dave Matthews...

See you soon for sure.

Kelly Samsonovitch & Josh Kobernick
Wedding at Beth Zion, August 29, 2010


Jaz and I are indeed still happily married. The day turned out even better than we hoped it would.
Everyone was very impressed with the band. You guys made for a very enjoyable evening.
Thanks again for the great memories.

Bradley Archambault & Jaz Mataja
Wedding at Vogue Hotel, Montreal,
August 21, 2010


I just want to thank you again for everything. You helped make the wedding a great success.

Best Regards,

Sam Rimoin, Father of the bride
Wedding at Vogue Hotel, Montreal,
August 21, 2010

Your band was amazing - everyone said so.  Thanks for making our wedding so special and for allowing our friends to take the stage when it was called for!


Jenny Worden & Richard Watson’s wedding at Royal Montreal Golf Club
August 14, 2010

Hi Denis - just to echo my husband's (still weird to say) thoughts, thank you so much for Saturday. The Fundamentals kept the dance floor alive...even after 12 hours in my heels I couldn't keep myself from dancing. The party wouldn't have been the same without you. Truly fantastic!

Thank you again!!


Jenny Worden & Richard Watson’s wedding at Royal Montreal Golf Club
August 14, 2010


It was amazing, it really was a fairy tale princess wedding....everyone simply thought the band was amazing, we were so surprised by Ted’s guitar skills and the words to the song - thank you for letting him do that.

We all had such a good time – the music was perfect – good job. (I think the Sax man may not have buttons left on his shirt??)  He probably enjoyed every minute....

Believe it or not approx. 50 people showed up at the house yesterday starting around noon – till whatever time their plane took off to Australia, the UK, and California... It has been quite the week - but so worth it....

For sure our paths will cross again....I know you played at Royal Montreal not too long ago....I know for sure they will have you back

Many thanks for everything Denis


Nancy Worden, mother of the bride

Jenny Worden & Richard Watson’s wedding at Royal Montreal Golf Club
August 14, 2010


Thank You.

We are very pleased with how the evening went.  The music was great and your support/suggestions beforehand were very helpful.

Bob Oppenheimer, father of the bride,
Wedding at Sofitel, Montreal, July 4, 2010

Hi Denis
Everything was AMAZING last night.  I got so many comments about how good you guys were, and everything with “Hey Ya” and with the song from my cousins made the night so special.  Also, your rendition of “Angel” was beautiful.
So again, thank you so much.
Julie Schlesinger & Brandon Svarc
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, June 27, 2010

Hi Denis,

Thanks so much for a great night. You guys were awesome.

Arieh Rossdeutscher & Tamar Feldman,
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, June 13, 2010


Hi Denis,

On behalf of Elaine and myself and of course our entire family (especially Melissa and Cory) I want to thank you for the outstanding job and service your band provided for us at the wedding.

Your choice of music, the timing of your playlist, and the warmth and fun you guys reflected back to the audience contributed immensely to the success of our party.

Your skills and your enjoyment enhanced the wedding celebrations and everybody commented on how much fun they had (witnessed by the late departures of our guests).
Nobody saw the time go by but everybody certainly was talking about the fun they had.

Thanks again for your help in making our wedding bash one of the best of the season.
(The wedding critics have spoken)

Be well.

Harvey Engelberg, father of the groom

Wedding, Melissa Felsky & Cory Engelberg, Shaare Zion, November 1, 2009

Hi Denis,

You guys really helped make the evening very special. We’ve gotten tons of phone calls letting us know that our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I will speak to Harvey Engelberg in the next day or 2 and get back to you before the weekend with settlement details. I hope that’s OK.

Thanks again for making our party rock!

David Felsky, father of the bride

Wedding, Melissa Felsky & Cory Engelberg, Shaare Zion, November 1, 2009

Bonjour Denis

The day could not have gone any better; we had such a great time. The Fundamentals were spot on and we can’t count the number of positive comments and compliments we received on your performance. We wished the evening wouldn’t have to come to an end.

You are awesome and such a pleasure to work with.

We can’t thank you enough for being part of our day; you were the icing on the cake!

Let me know if there’s anything else you need or if you have any questions or concerns

Norm Leduc and Robin Weiner

Wedding at Le Challenger, October 18, 2009

Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for the kind wishes.

Erin and I had a wonderful time at the wedding and that was largely to due to you guys. You were amazing and the music sounded great. Almost everyone we have spoken since the wedding said the music was fantastic. Seemed to be the most common compliment of the evening.

Glad you guys enjoyed yourself and I hope to see you again real soon…


Eric Smolar

Wedding, Erin Richler & Eric Smolar, Shaar Hashomayim, September 13, 2009

Hi Denis,

Thanks for everything on Saturday.  The music was awesome, the Fundamentals are tight!

Robson Gmoser

Thank you so much Denis.  We really enjoyed hearing the music you all play.  I was only disappointed that there were so few of us left at the end to dance and keep the party going thus cutting your play time short.  Oh well, next time I am in Montreal, I will have to come out and hear the band play.

All the best,


Wedding of Olivia Sofer & Robson Gmoser, September 12, 2009 Mt. Stephen Club

Dear Denis,

Hope this email finds you well.

Mike and I got back from our honeymoon a couple of days ago and have not stopped marveling over our AMAZING wedding ... Thanks to you and the rest of the band! We were thrilled with the Fundamentals ... song selection, energy etc ... it was SO MUCH FUN!

We got rave reviews about you guys from friends and family.  Thanks for helping to make our special night as fun-filled as it was.

Andrea Barmish & Michael Mazza

Wedding, Le Windsor, August 9, 2009


We cannot thank you enough. The venue, food and weather were great but the music was superb. Our guests continue to rave about you and your band. I think you knew that based on the fact only a few were sitting at their table at any one time.

If you ever need a reference for a prospective customer, contact Jean and myself.

Many, many thanks for a great wedding.


Ted Butler, father of the bride, tent wedding in Mansonville, July 25, 2009

Thank you so much Denis! We had so much fun, you guys were awesome! Everyone commented on how good you guys were. We can't thank you enough for all of your help. It was a great party!

Thanks again, 

Jean & Morgan, wedding, July 25, 2009

Hi Denis,

With all of the excitement and craziness we never got a chance to respond to your nice email.

The party was incredible and you and the band were amazing. Thank you for helping make our wedding the best night of our lives. You and the Fundamentals were a pleasure to work with!

Jamie Schreter & Lindsay Goldsmith
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, June 4, 2009

Hey Denis,

What would a Vineberg celebration be without the Fundamentals!  You guys were awesome, yet again, and we could not have been happier in our dealings with you.  If you ever need a reference, do not hesitate to give us a shout.

Our paths will cross for sure in the future, even about 10 days from now at the Schreter/Goldsmith wedding!

Take care of yourself and I wish you only the very best of everything going forward!



Wedding, Laurie Vineberg & Mark Buch, Shaar Hashomayim, May 24, 2009

Dear Denis,

Thank you so much for your good wishes.

We were delighted to have you play at Amy & David's wedding. With your and the band's help, it was a great party and I can't wait to see it all on video.

Thanks for everything.

Lucy Wolkove, mother of the bride

Amy & David’s wedding, Shaare Zion, May 17, 2009

Thanks Denis. You guys were awesome Sunday night! Thanks for keeping the party going.

David Wolkove

Amy & David’s wedding, Shaare Zion, May 17, 2009

Hey!! You and the band were totally awesome!

I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye and I did want to thank you again for all that u did to make the party the huge success that it was.

Thank you again for taking me to lunch and for making us all feel special!!!!

You are the best!


PPS....I know for sure that u r going to be getting some new business out of last night!!!!!

And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Billy Granatstein, father of the groom

 Wedding of Gabriel Granatstein & Chantal Beullac, Mt. Stephen Club, May 10, 2009


Thanks so much. You guys were awesome!

Gabe and Chantal

Wedding of Gabriel Granatstein & Chantal Beullac, Mt. Stephen Club, May 10, 2009

Thank you Denis!

The Fundamentals definitely contributed to the success of the evening. Everyone talked about how wonderful you were!


Lindsay Worden

WIPCR fundraising Gala, Chateau Vaudreuil, February 13, 2009

Many thanks to you Denis! The music was great and loved by all!! It was terrific to have you again!

Thanks so much.

Teresa Dellar

WIPCR fundraising Gala, Chateau Vaudreuil, February 13, 2009

Hey Denis,

Thank you so much for making the dream become a reality.  

I’ve wanted to perform in front of a live audience for all of my adult life.  Beyond that, your band is the best and everyone had a fantastic time.  I’m sure our paths will cross again. 

Have a fantastic 2009!

Best Regards,

David MacKay & Janet Cudney
Wedding at Toronto cricket club, January 10, 2009




Thank you so much Denis! The Fundamentals were a definite hit...everyone has been talking about how great you were. You were an integral part of the success of the evening. Just to confirm, our 2009 gala is Friday, February 13th...you have us booked, right???

Best, Lindsay Worden, o/b/o
West Island Palliative care residence Gala Fundraiser
February8, 2008, Chateau Vaudreuil

You guys were amazing and truly made the party. My one and only regret for the evening is that we didn't ask you for another set before heading over to Méchant Boeuf.... DJ was not nearly as good. Everyone had a great time though; we'll see you soon I’m sure!

Anna Gainey & Tom Pitfield
Wedding at Nelligan Hotel January 26, 2008


Allo Denis, 

Sorry for replying so late... 

We got a lot of good comments on the band and my client was really happy alors so am I :) 
It was nice working with you again. 

À la prochaine et d'ici là, je te souhaite de passer de joyeuses fêtes. 


d'Auteuil Événements Spéciaux Inc.
Pfizer holiday party, December 8, 2007
Sheraton Centre-Ville 



A huge thank you to you and the band for making the evening so great for Claire. 

Everyone loved it! 


Stuart Webster

Claire Webster’s Surprise 40th birthday, December 6, 2007 


Hi Denis, 

Jamie and I would like to thank you for the amazing performance at our wedding. You guys were on fire and helped create a great atmosphere and a wild celebration!!! We had the night of our lives, as did our guests!!

Please pass on the message to rest of your team, as the entire band was really unbelievable that night. 

Hope to party with the Fundamentals again soon!


Elana Backler & Jamie Minzberg

Wedding at Shaare Zion Congregation

November 10, 2007 


Hi Denis, 

I think everyone had a great time. You guys were very professional and made everybody want to dance. We got a lot of compliments on the music. Thank you very much and I also hope to work again with you.


Doris Steinberg

“A night on the town” – City of Hampstead

October 17, 2007 



You were WONDERFUL! Most of the guests said so also. Not that you need referrals, but I would be most happy to give you one at any time, or if you have written testimonials on your web site. 

Dr. Donna Stern, mother of the bride

Robin Latour & Gregory Pugh

Wedding at La Sacacomie, St-Alexis-des-Monts, Qc

October 14, 2007 


Hi Denis -

I meant to reply to you earlier and got completely side-tracked. It took 2 months to come down from all that wedding planning - and now I am almost bored with nothing to plan!

We have some photos from the wedding of you and the band, which I will pass on to you as soon as I can remember to - hopefully this weekend.
I am sure my mum wanted to write a testimonial for your website, I am not sure if she has? Well, I will if she hasn't - i can't tell you what a great time we had. You and your amazing band made our celebration rocket from wonderful to out-of-this-world. I am so glad you were recommended to me, I don't think it would have been as special without you guys. You were an integral part of the whole event and made everything just perfect.
I am still so touched that you learned those bars of Johnny Cash and Beach Boys and got them into our ceremony... makes me smile just to remember it! 

Hope to see you again one of these days, if/when we move back to Montreal. Carin Schwartz says you often play locally in NDG, and I would definitely like to see that sometime! 

Take care and all the very best wishes for a good new year 

Robin Latour and Gregory Pugh

Wedding at La Sacacomie, St-Alexis-des-Monts, Qc

October 14, 2007

Chapeau Denis! Excellente musique. 

Jean de Brabant, o/b/o

Hilary Radley’s 60th birthday bash,

University Club, Montreal, October 5, 2007 


Hey Denis,

I was going to write you today too. I wanted to thank you for all that you did - from performing to arranging all our additional music components. Everyone commented on how great the music was - how wonderful you guys were - how it was just the right volume, the song choices were excellent, and there was a great vibe onstage. My friends loved the DJ - he was awesome and the klezmer worked out perfectly. The music can make or break a night and in the case, it was just so perfect.

Thanks again!

Dara Bratt & Kieran Dick, wedding at Hillsdale Golf & Country Club
September 16, 2007

Thank you for the fantastic evening. You truly made our wedding into a really fun party. It was wonderful working with you.

Melissa Tobenstein & Scott Allinson,
wedding at Shaare Zion, September 2, 2007





Avital & I just want to thank you again for an amazing night, never to be forgotten. You guys were absolutely incredible. Our guests are all still talking about how fantastic you guys are. You made our evening incredible, especially our first dance as husband & wife. It is a memory we will cherish forever.
It is unfortunate that we do not have more opportunites to celebrate and enjoy a party together, but 1 thing is for sure, we can't wait to see you in years to come at our future children’s bar & bat mitzvahs!

You guys were great. Thanks for everything.

Mike & Avital Goldenblatt
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, August 12, 2007


Hi Denis,

Thanks so much for the email and for eveything. You were incredible and I know that you're going to be gretting A LOT of business from the great job you did at our wedding. I'm sure you heard that my brother got engaged on August 10th, so I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon!!

Thanks again. You're the best!

Shari Munk & Jason Manel, wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, August 9, 2007

Thank you so much for your hard work. We both really appreciated it.
Everyone kept telling us just how good you were!

Thanks again,

Lauren Silverman and Noah Pinsky
Wedding at Chevra Kadisha, August 2, 2007


Hi Denis,

I thought you were great! So many people commented on how much they enjoyed the band!!! It was a great party, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There was good energy in the room!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

Bev Pinsky
Mother of the groom
Lauren Silverman & Noah Pinsky’s wedding
Chevra Kadisha, August 2, 2007


Hi Denis,

We would like to thank you for the great evening. All our guests were complementing how well your band did. It was a perfect evening.

Best regards,

Talie Hochman & Lewis Rosen
Wedding at Le Challenger
July 29, 2007

Thank YOU so much Denis. You made the wedding that much more special.

It was everything that we could possibly have wanted for our daughter. My
eyes are filling with tears as I listen to your song. What a wonderful
feeling! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Your biggest fan,

Ken Salomom
Father of the bride
Amy Salomon & Matt Deninger’s wedding
July 8, 2007


Hi Denis

We wanted to thank you very very much for being so amazing at our wedding. We were very happy and think you definitely contributed to making our night everything we wanted. Also, thanks for the recording of our song. I hope our little dance did it justice at the wedding.
Now that we're back from our honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos Islands....we've started to hear from our friends and family who also commented on how great the band was. So thank you again! 
Take care,
Stacey Cohen and Shaun Segal, wedding, Beth Zion, July 1, 2007


Hi Denis,

Last night was a total success. Your music and band members were fantastic. All our guests could not believe how professional the sound and voices were. You kept to our schedule and helped make our wedding the evening Stacey and Shaun dreamed of. The last song you played for Stacey shows us that you really care about the people that hire you. 

Thanks again

Eileen Cohen
Mother of the bride
Stacey Cohen & Shaun Segal’s wedding, Beth Zion, July 1, 2007


Hi Denis

So sorry this email wasn't sent to you sooner.

It was our pleasure and honor to have you as our band. You were outstanding and we are referring you to all of our friends who are engaged and planning their weddings.
Everyone commented on how great you were.
We had the time of our lives, thank you for making our special night that much more special.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the next party

Thanks once again,

Michelle Perlis and Lonny Fineberg
Wedding at Windsor Ballroom
June 24, 2007


Denis, Just a quick word to say THANKS, as usual you were great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you next year

Irene Lahaie
Director of Community Services
Town of Hampstead
Hampstead day, June 20, 2007



Thank you so much!! Corey and I have not stopped talking about how incredible the band was. All the guests have been raving about The Fundamentals and we truly couldn't have been happier with the music. The party was so much fun and we felt that the guests and the band shared the same fabulous energy. You are all so talented!!!

Keren Gorni & Corey Springer
Wedding at Omni Hotel,
June 3, 2007


Dear Denis,

"Whenever I see your smiling face" will now remind me of what a great wedding we had!!

Bernie & I want to thank you and the entire band for making our wedding so much fun. We initially chose you after listening to many different bands because aside from your great voices, you had a nice way of interacting with the crowd. 
This certainly came through at our wedding. Everybody had only great things to say about the music and all the band members. You were able to cater to the different age groups and had everyone dancing all nite long. 

Thank you again for helping to make our party such a great success.

Warm regards,
Rachel Plotnick & Bernie Ghetler
Wedding at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal
May 20, 2007


Denis -

You guys were terrific and we got many compliments on the music all night. 

Thanks for being so professional and easy to work with. It was a pleasure having you and the band there. Hopefully you had fun as well. We have a few more Montreal weddings in the coming year or two, so undoubtedly we will see you in action again.
Until then, be well, and if you have any more gigs in Rome, Tamara and I would like to volunteer as "roadies."

Tamara Gold and Craig Bernstein
Wedding at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal
April 21, 2007


HI Denis...

I was very happy to meet you........ All the guests at the wedding were talking about the fabulous band we had.... More than half of the guests were from out of town and they thought you guys and the singer were terrific.....
Tamara told me that she had to tell you to stop as she was soooo exhausted she thought she might pass out.... The guests did not want to stop partying.

You must be doing something right!

Thanks again.

Ethel Gold
Mother of the bride
Tamara & Craig’s wedding
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal
April 21, 2007



Hi Denis,

We just got back from Tahiti last week, it was AMAZING! We really enjoyed the wedding, it was beautiful. We only wish we could have danced more that night.
You guys were fantastic (as always). We received so many compliments from the guests!
Dave and I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you and your beautiful family. It was a fun ride and we hope to see you play at Old Orchard or Bistro Westminster sometime soon.

Take care and send pictures of your adorable munchkin,

Jody Engel and David Lemcovitch
Wedding at Chevra Kadisha, Montreal
November 4, 2006


Hi Denis

I know that it is many months past our wedding, but things have been pretty hectic hear with moving into our new home. 

Gregory and I want to thank you so much for playing at our wedding. People are still talking about the night. You made our wedding night perfect. It is everything that I dreamed it would be. We had an amazing time and I wish that we can have the party again (minus the expense). Thank you so much for making our drems come true.

Melissa and Gregory
Wedding, September 17, 2006



We had such a great time! You guys rocked! Our guests don't stop telling us what an excellent time they had and how good the band was. Our first song, "This year's love" was perfect and we loved when the band came out onto the dance floor!

Thank you again for such a memorable evening!

Catherine & Brian
Wedding in the Eastern Townships, September 16, 2006


Good afternoon Denis,

We would like to thank you for the great job done on Sunday for Matthew & Hélène’s wedding.
We received many compliments concerning your group. You were fantastic! We really enjoyed ourselves and from the comments, so did everyone else.

Again, thank you!

Harvey Bernstein & Gisèle Godin
Parents of the groom,
Wedding of Matthew Bernstein & Hélène Louard, September 3, 2006


Hi Denis,

Everyone loved your music. Our phone has been ringing off the wall. We, and everyone, had a blast.

Very best,

Betty Palik
Mother of the groom,
Wedding at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, August 27, 2006 



You all were wonderful. Everyone had a great time and talked about how good the music was. We will certainly be in touch for our next big milestone...Francois turns 40 in a few years...:)

Thank you again,

Ann Meade and Francois Trahan,
Tent party, Mansonville Quebec, August 19, 2006 


Dear Denis (and the rest of the Fundamentals),

Darren and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding FUN, ENTERTAINING, and FULL OF ENERGY. You were absolutely fantastic! We couldn't keep ourselves off the dance floor. Everybody commented about how amazing you were! Even though everything was perfect, what was very special and unique to us was the way you played our wedding song (Crash into Me). WOW! Denis, we had chills (we still have them just thinking about it)! It was absolutely PERFECT. I don't think any other band (except for Dave Matthews) could have played/sang this song so beautifully. 

Thank you so much! It really made our night extra special. We didn't really get a chance to talk to you during the night because we were dancing the entire time!

So, to all of you, A BIG THANK YOU! You ROCK! We can't wait to have you at our next simcha! 

:) Tal & Darren
Wedding at Chevra Kadisha, August 17, 2006 



Robyn and I just got the video of our wedding back from the videographer… Man oh man…you guys were awesome! 

Andrew Slutzky - groom
Wedding at Windsor Ballroom, August 13, 2006


Hi Denis,

I was a little disoriented yesterday from the whole party weekend and you jumped the gun on me when you emailed me first.
I want to personally thank you for all the calls you put up with. I know it's not easy when a client tries to tell the professional what he would like.But from the first time I heard you I knew that this was the band I wanted and then had to convince the kids who never heard you before. But I did and the feedback from my guests is even more gratifying when they tell me how great the music was.

I really feel that your play-list reached out to all age groups, and fortunately the older group was not that old. Your smoothness and quality of voice were superb and the musicians you have are top notch. Your sets were amazing and the clock was never an issue. You seemed to really be enjoying yourself and that would probably explain why the effort was above and beyond. The times when you walked onto the floor and when your

saxophonist and guitarists did solos were outstanding. You truly met my expectations and then some. But I still don't get the whole Phish thing!

Kidding aside, it was a pleasure working with you and I do look forward to doing it again. Hopefully by the time my boys are ready we won't be in an old folks home.

Steve Sacks
Father of the bride
Wedding at the Windsor Ballroom, Montreal August 13, 2006


You guys were awesome - we had the best night ever and we got a ton of compliments on our band!! Thanks for doing the meatstick thing - Andrew loved it and so did his Phish crew.

Thanks again.

Robyn Sacks & Andrew Slutsky
Wedding at the Windsor Ballroom,
August 13, 2006


Well Denis what more can I say than amazing! Thank you so much for being such a big part of mine and Jason's special night - it exceeded every expectation we could have had for our wedding day and was by far the best night of our lives. Your rendition of our first song was absolutely amazing and brought us to tears - we really felt as though we were the only ones in the room and at a private concert. And now, how could I not mention the party - let's just say we wanted a crazy party where no one left the dance floor and that was exactly what we got!! (except of course when I left to jump on stage). People did not stop commenting about how great you guys were and how the band really helped to make the party.

Thank you a million times over from Jason and I and our families for making our wedding night what it was, you guys are truly amazing and we feel so lucky to have had you as our band.

Hope to see and hear you soon,
Andrea Feiderer and Jason Galindo

Wedding at Omni Hotel, August 6, 2006



We can't thank you enough for the wonderful evening your band gave us for our wedding. You were everything we had hoped for. We loved your choice of music and the energy of all the musicians. You guys contributed greatly to the fabulous success of this party.

Thanks again for a job magnificently done!

Barbara Feldman, mother of the bride on behalf of
The Feldman and Minzberg families.
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue July 2, 2006



In a word, you guys were awesome. The whole night was perfection and you helped make it special. Thank you for everything and I am sure we will see you soon.

Kenny Minzberg, groom
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue July 2, 2006


Hi Denis:

Just to thank you again for Tuesday night (& your pink shirts that matched our centerpieces!). I saw the clients again last night & they said the band was AWESOME & that you never took a break from 9 -11 pm & always had the dance floor crowded. 


Cindy Raider
Gala Event for Merck Pharmaceuticals
June 20, 2006 Omni Hotel, Montreal 


Hi Denis! 

Howard and I want to thank you and every member of your band for such an incredible party ! Every song you played was amazing - especially the horah and the dedications, and we are so thrilled with the entire evening. You had the entire room on their feet and wanting to dance, and the way you guys came out on the floor and interacted with the guests was so fantastic!!! 

Everyone was raving about the band, but not more than Howard, myself and our families. So again, thank you!!!

Hope to see you again at another celebration.

Take care,

Karen Goldberg & Howard Fried
Wedding at TBDJ Synagogue June 18, 2006 


Hi Denis, 

Thanks again for everything...We had a blast...and all the guests did too...great music... 

Davey singing Lionel Richie was classic...Thanks for the David Gray song...and of course ours!


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Carlie Kitman and Jordan Socaransky

Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, June 15, 2006 


Hi Denis, 


You did it again! Even better!

They say wine gets better with age...nine months later...and your music improves and sounds wonderful.


Thank you.


Hope to catch up with you in the future.

I really appreciate that you did the song for Susan and I - by David Gray...The One I Love...

This is what I wanted to say to my wife...she is the one I love... So thanks for singing it as a bonus to us and for playing longer.


You are a mensch!


All the best,


Stanley and Susan Kitman 

Parents of the bride 

Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, June 15, 2006



Thank you so much for the note and the amazing night ! You guys outdid yourselves. Every wedding you do is amazing. We chose you guys cause you know how to make a party. Also, you're the only band in Montreal that had a demo DVD to send us and we weren't choosing a band without hearing them. It is imperative for out of towners and I don't think any other band in Montreal has figured that out.

You guys were amazing and so many people said it !! We will see you at Talia Caron's wedding in November.

Thanks again,

Sherri Braude and Lee Sparaga
Wedding at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal. May 28, 2006


Hi Denis,

I was extremely happy with the whole evening! You guys were fantastic, the night was hitch-free and everyone seemed to be having a good time! Thank you so much for everything, we appreciate everything you did for us. Hope to see you soon and good luck with everything (ie. new CD - which I haven't heard yet but my mom says is great, new baby!!!)

Monica Dery-Goldberg & Jordan Socran
Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Montreal, May 22, 2006


We are still on our honeymoon, and just had the opportunity to check email, so it was great to hear from you.

We will tell you in more detail how GREAT we thought your music was once we return, but for now, thank you so much for being such an important part of our perfect night! It was truly beyond our dreams!

Becka Vargus and Rob Katz
Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton hotel
April 23, 2006 Dear Denis:



After waiting almost nine months to see the wedding video, Alaina and Avi finally invited us over for a private viewing. How scary is it to realize that I could not remember half the things I saw played out in the video. What did stand out was how fabulous the music was and the fact that our guests were dancing ALL the time. You and your group really did a phenomenal job and I truly thank you again. I actually relived the wedding this weekend (as did Issie), tears and all. Hope all is well with you. Take care. Hopefully we'll see each other soon.

Rita & Issie Gross, parents of the bride,
Wedding at Chevra Kadisha Synagogue
July 10, 2005



Mitch and I had the night of our lives last Sunday. Thank you to the entire band for being such a big part of that. We have to say that of the many people we dealt with in planning the wedding none were more professional than you. You delivered on every promise and genuinely cared about making the night perfect for us. We know the extra rehearsal time it took to get our first song down pat. It meant so much to us and sounded absolutely perfect. As for the rest of the night, you guys were amazing, as usual. You put me at ease knowing you were running the show.

As you know, we will recommend you guys to everyone we know. We can't wait to party with you at the next wedding!

Samara Zavalcoff & Mitch Shein
Wedding at Chevra Kadisha, April 2, 2006


Hey Denis,

Thank you so much for your warm wishes. Pammy and I had an absolutely amazing time at our wedding. You and the rest of the guys (and girl) really contributed to the evening. Like I told you when we first booked you, we were going to base our wedding date around your availability. The people loved you and made sure we knew it.

It goes without saying that we would recommend you to anyone!! You guys rock and are hands down Montreal's best band. I am sure we will see you at other parties, and we can't wait. Take it easy and please do keep us informed of your musical successes and developments.

Pamela & Jonathan Cooperman, wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, March 19, 2006

Thanks Denis, Great Show!!!

Dominique Richard-Hebert , F&B Manager
Inter-Continental Hotel
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
New year's eve, December 31, 2005



Thank you so much for a wonderful time on Saturday night. I have a feeling that if you had continued playing, you would still have people on the dance floor! I cannot tell you how many compliments I received today to let me know how much fun people had, that they danced so much and that the band was incredible. Incredible, amazing, wonderful and fun are adjectives that have been used non stop this morning - all in reference to the party and the band.

Thank you to you and your team for making our evening memorable. We had a great time and we will definitely be in contact in the New Year.

Happy holidays and a happy and healthy New Year!

On behalf of the Social Committee,

Tova Havis


Reader's Digest Holiday Party

Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal

December 17, 2005


Dear Denis, Stephen and I, as well as our parents would like to thank you and the rest of the band for the outstanding job you did on Saturday night. We had the best night of our lives, and our guests keep raving about the music. We were thrilled with the play list you chose, and we loved the music during the meal. You made our party one that we will never forget. 


Thanks again,


Jennifer Michelin and Stephen Berzan

Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue, December 3, 2005


Hi Denis,

James and I just returned from our honeymoon and wanted to write a quick note to express our thanks to you for your tremendous contribution to our wedding day. It was a pleasure working with you. Your input proceeding the wedding was essential and helped to make everything easier - it was a key part of making the day run so smoothly.

The night was even more special than we imagined. We were especially thrilled that you were able to fulfill our song requests. The music was a huge part of both the ceremony and the reception, and you and your band played beautifully (and rocked out!). 

We would be happy to act as a reference, should any of your future clients be interested in a recommendation.

We look forward to partying with you in the future!

All our best,

Rochelle Ornstein and James Moncarz Wedding at Shaare Zedek, October 30, 2005


Hi Denis,

You guys were terrific as usual! We had many people who told us how impressed they were with your performance.

I look forward to working with you again at any future events!

Very best regards,


Claire Webster

Montreal Association for the Blind Foundation Fundrasing Cocktail

Windsor Ballroom, October 27, 2005


Dear Denis,

Thank you for your email. Now that we are home from our honeymoon, and settling back into "real-life", we finally have the chance to sit down and write. We want you to know that you and the rest of the band, did an outstanding job at our wedding. We had pretty high expectations and you even surpassed them! We want to thank you for helping us make a very special occasion even more so.

We are continuing to get compliments from our friends and family about how much they enjoyed the music and ambience at our wedding, in which you played an integral role.

We truly enjoyed working with you during the time leading up to our wedding and we enjoyed every minute dancing the night away that evening! We wish you continued success and we will unreservedly recommend the Fundamentals in the future.

All the best, 

Debbie Finkelberg & Boris Gorbatyuk 

Wedding at Chevra Kadisha, October 16 2005




Louise & Herb Finkleberg, parents of the Bride
Wedding at the Chevra Kadisha, October 16, 2005


Hi Denis,


This is well overdue - I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for making our wedding such an amazing night! We had such a good time, it was better than we ever thought it would be! Everyone had so much fun, and all I heard all night was how great the band was - people are still talking about it, and wished you played in NYC! Thanks for helping with the order of events, I'm not sure what I would have done without your expertise. You all made it such an upbeat, fun night - thank you so much!! 


Stephanie & Martin McLaughlin
Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, October 1, 2005


Hi Denis,

What can I say - the band was great! The dance floor was hopping all evening and so many people commented on what a great band you guys are.
Of course, those were my guests from out of town who had never heard you before! The other guests, already big fans of the Fundamentals, were, of course, expecting you to be fantastic and you certainly didn't disappoint them!

It was a wonderful party and Stefanie and Michael loved every minute of it! Thanks so much for helping us create a night to remember. It is always a pleasure working with you. Are you available in March 2017 for my grandson's Bar Mitzvah??????

Lana Dorfman, mother of the groom,
Stefanie & Michael
Wedding at the Omni Hotel, September 25, 2005


Hi Denis,

We were meaning to call you, but unfortunately we have not yet. We had an absolute blast (THE TIME OF OUR LIVES) at our wedding. We have been getting nothing but compliments about what a great time it was, and we thank you sincerely as your contribution was awesome.

Mark P.S. We should write music together!!! LOL



Thanks so much for thinking of us, great to hear from you. You guys did an outstanding job!!! We had a fabulous time at our own wedding and we received an unbelievable amount of calls saying what a great party; we couldn't have done it without you..

Take care and thank you soooooo very much


Jean & Mark,
Wedding at the Omni Hotel,
September 4, 2005


Hi Denis,

Our wedding would not have been the same without you. We got so many compliments on your work, and everyone had a great time dancing. It was exactly what I wanted, and was truly the happiest night of my life. You were a pleasure to work with all of the way through, and I will be passing that news around as much as possible. I'll send you a photo as soon as I have one!

All the best,
Shari (and Kevin too, but he's off somewhere canoeing at the moment!!) Wedding at the Sheraton Four Points, August 28, 2005


Hi Denis -

Thanks for your message and the lovely sentiments. Dara and I returned from our honeymoon in Spain last week so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We both had a wonderful time at the wedding. Everyone is still raving about it. Your band did a tremendous job getting everyone on the dance floor. Your singer absolutely nailed Madeleine Peyroux's vocals in her cover of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me To The End Of Love".
We only hope our feeble attempt at dancing didn't take away from the performance. Perhaps you'll get the chance to play it again at another wedding?...No finder's fee required. Several people have also commented how much they enjoyed the slow acoustic numbers you played during dinner (e.g, "Heart of Gold"). It was a nice touch. If you need a reference we'll be happy to supply one.

Thanks again for making our special day a memorable one.

Michael and Dara
Wedding at Hillsdale Golf & Country Club, August 27, 2005


Hi Denis,

We want to thank you for your wonderful music. You and your team are "fundamentally" "sound". Everyone loved the music and the way you transform yourself during the set. Rori and Dave loved the rendition of David Gray. We look forward to june 15 next year at Carlie & Jordan's wedding. So get ready and keep your amps plugged in.

Thanks again,
Susan and Stanley Kitman, parents of the bride Rori & David's wedding at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, Montreal, August 25,


Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for an absolutely incredible event. You and the band helped make our big day better than we ever could have imagined. The music was amazing - and we can't wait to get the video so that we can hear our first dance song again. You should really record that yourself!

So many people at the wedding told us that you guys were the best cover band they'd ever heard - and I think the number of people dancing the entire night made that perfectly clear. We just had so much fun, and it's really to your credit.

Thank you, thank you... It means so much to us that you and the band put so much energy into our night.

Kara and Avi
Wedding at Le Grand Manitou, Mont-Tremblant Summit August 21, 2005


Outstanding.....It was fantastic thanks to you guys. We have had only fantastic comments about you! We can't wait to hear you again at the next 2 family weddings. We can't thank you enough for the great job you did!

Marie-Pierre and Jason
Wedding at Hillsdale Golf & Country club, August 20, 2005


THANK YOU!!! We had the best time and it was because of you. The music
was unbelievable. Thank you for everything and we wish you all the best.

Warmest regards,

Steph and Ari
Wedding at the Inter-Continental Hotel, June 30, 2005


Hi Denis,

THANK YOU.... we got so many compliments on what a wonderful band we had... everyone LOVED you guys. We cant wait to see the video so that we
can actually HEAR and APPRECIATE the music you played!! Ha ha

As for the breaker, it takes more than that to stop our crowd!! I told you that they were a crazy bunch!

Thanks for everything....you guys were amazing

Joy and Jordy
Wedding at Beth Zion synagogue, June 26th, 2005


Hi Denis

We are writing you from the Amalfi coast in Italy and having a wonderful honeymoon. We cant thank you enough for doing such an amazing
job at our wedding. We had the best time and everyone absolutely adored you guys.
You were incredible but I had no doubt you would be! Thanks for such a nice email and for making our wedding so special and so much fun. Paul
apologizes for not saying goodbye, he had a little too many shots and was unfortunately in the bathroom for the last 30 minutes of the
wedding! That's my husband for you!!!!!!! Anyway, take care and we can't wait to see you soon, we
will definitely see you at a few weddings in the upcoming years but otherwise we will stop by and see you play at Old Orchard or your other
venues! You guys are completely amazing, thank you a million times over!!! Ciao from Italy!

Love, Heidi and Paul
Wedding at Shaar Hashomayim, June 23, 2005



What can I say? You are terrific! Thank you so much for everything. The Fundamentals really made the night and as tired as we were I only wish
we could have stayed and listened to you for another hour. The DVD's went flying out the door, people were asking for them before they were
finished being put out. Everybody that Mark and I have spoken to has commented about the music, you guys made the evening. Again, thank you
and I hope that we see each other again soon.

Harriet Krakower
Jewish General Hospital Fundraising Golf tournament
Elm Ridge Golf & Country Club, June 6, 2005



Wedding of Jamie & Scott on June 18 2005, at the Hotel St-Paul




Please pass this on to the other members of the band since you've already heard me sing your praises!

Anthony and I just wanted to thank you once again for helping make our wedding the most special night it could be- not to mention you helped make our wedding the craziest party of our lives! :-) You guys were
fantastic- You sounded wonderful. The energy level was up from the moment you guys began playing and you played your hearts out all night.
You made everyone have a fun time- not that our crowd needed much help anyway! Having you play at our wedding was something we knew we wanted from the day we got engaged and you certainly did not disappoint! Our first song was so special and sounded fabulous and you guys kept the tempo of the night moving so that the evening ran as smoothly as possible. Really- people cannot stop raving about how wonderful you all were and we want you to know that you made the night that much more memorable for us.

We'll be sure to see you soon- seeing as I'm sure you'll be playing at most of the future/upcoming weddings we'll be attending!

Thanks for everything...

Marisa and Anthony Powell
Wedding at the Omni Hotel, Montreal, April 17, 2005


Hi Denis

I'm sitting here with Rena and we want to dance with you on Sunday night!!!

I want to thank YOU (you shouldn't be thanking me) for an AMAZING night. You guys were awesome, and we had the best time. When some of the guys came onto the dance floor...I have no words. You played all the songs we wanted to hear and it was great!!! It could not have been better and we wouldn't change a thing.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We'll see you Sunday,
Susan, Michael, Rena, Allan, Lois and Bernie

Grossman & Small wedding, Shaare Zion Congregation, Montreal, March 27,


Dear Denis

Thank you for a beautiful evening. The music was great and you did what I asked for. The kids had a ball and the adults loved you. Thanks again- see you at the Rosenhek wedding.

Lois Grossman, mother of the bride
Susan & Michael's wedding at Shaare Zion Congregation, Montreal, March 27, 2005


Hi Denis:

Well I just finished cleaning up Windsor Station....& wanted to thank you & the band for a great show last Wednesday. The feedback from the clients & the guests were all A-1. But sorry for making you work so hard...

À bientôt,

Cindy Raider, Nat Raider Productions
Event for Canada Post at Windsor Station, Montreal, February 16, 2005